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Y20 2016 on July 31st – August 6th, 2016 in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Y20 Summit

Indonesia’s participation in the Y20 (formerly G20 Youth Summit) started in 2010, when five delegates represented Indonesia at the G8 & G20 Youth Summits in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then, Indonesia sends delegations to subsequent Summits: Paris (2011), Washington (2012), Saint Petersburg (2013), Sydney (2014), and Istanbul (2015). Indonesia also attended Y8 2013 as one of the invited country delegations in London. Now we would like to invite you to become a part of the growing network as one of the five delegates of the Indonesian delegation by applying to 2016 Summit. The individuals selected for the Indonesian delegation will be financially supported for their in-country cost of the Y20 Summit program, including up to six nights accommodation, meals, local transportation and airport transfers.

The Y20 Summit is the official platform for young people from across G20 countries to engage in policy discussions on the most pressing global, economic challenges and generate innovative solutions which will be presented to the G20 Leaders’ Summit for consideration in their discussions. In the previous summits, we have also witnessed the introduction of social, environment and security related issues to the Y20 discussions. As part of the Chinese Government’s presidency of this year’s G20, an official Youth 20 (Y20) Summit will be hosted in both Beijing and Shanghai. The theme for the G20 China would be: TOWARDS AN INNOVATIVE, INVIGORATED, INTERCONNECTED AND INCLUSIVE WORLD ECONOMY.


An Indonesian delegate to the Y20 Summit 2016 is required to be:

  • An inspirational young person (undergraduate/graduate student, recent graduate, or young professional in Indonesia or abroad) from either the public, private and/or civil society sectors;
  • An Indonesian citizen;
  • Aged between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of the Y20 Summit;
  • Aware and have an understanding of the G20, the Leaders’ Summit and the Y20 Summit;
  • Fully committed to participate enthusiastically in all the sessions of the Y20 Summit;
  • Willing, and have capacity, to contribute to post-Y20 commitments;
  • Proficient in English verbally and in writing; and
  • Medically fit to travel to the Y20 Summit.


  • Engage with fellow Indonesian delegates to host and run national consultation to enable you to represent the views of young people in your country;
  • Liaise with your country’s Head Delegate to contribute to pre-summit discussion with delegates from other countries in the period prior to the Summit;
  • Contribute to policy recommendations for G20 leaders on behalf of G20 youth;
  • Generate wider community understanding and recognition of the work of the Y20 and the G20;
  • Participate actively in the Y20 Summit; and
  • Follow up on policy recommendations and action plans coming out of the Y20 Summit and wider consultations.


The application process consist of two stages. The first round involves filling out our application form, attaching your resume and writing a personal statement and an essay about one of the three topics stated in the application form! Applications are accepted in .pdf format and sent to with2016Application_FullName_ChosenThemeCode as the subject line. The deadline for the first round is March 6, 2016 at 23.59PM GMT+7.

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