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Jakarta Movement of Inspiration (JKTMOVEIN) is an organization that consists of Jakarta’s most talented youth from different schools & universities across the city that areunited by their passion in art & creativity. Founded by Nurul Parameswari and Farras Safira in late 2013, JKTMOVEIN emerged to fill a gap in society; to be the first massive youth empowerment organization in Jakarta that sharply focuses on art & creativity, and to contribute in shaping the future of Indonesia’s creative industry that will soon be in the hands of today’s youth. JKTMOVEIN is determined to strengthen Indonesian art not only as entertainment, but as an impactful mass communication tool that has the power to unify people, deliver values, and even change a nation.

The theme this year “Win the future through education, passion & dreams!” is inspired by the team’s eagerness to see their generation turn into a generation of winners. The same eagerness is what drives them to strive to create something new for Jakarta; an unforgettable experience and something awesome for Jakarta youth to look forward to. As the team grew bigger, it only got better and better. As the first team ever to make this dream a reality, we call them the JKTMOVEIN A-TEAM. A is for amazing! Click on their photos to find out more about them!

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