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People recently asked me how I did start this job portal for student and recent graduates. Well, I basically started on pursuing my passion. When I came up with the idea for youth opportunities including part time job, internship, volunteer and fresh graduates job when I was last year student of Universitas Indonesia, I really had no idea that it might lead me to enduring and meaningful technopreneurship journey. All I wanted just to encourage young people to start career early and create something that would rival big job portals but in fun and dynamic way for youth with attractive design, friendly user, and highly qualified content. 

In the beginning, I was not satisfied with most job portal that require at least one year working experience while I was studying and part time working as private teacher. Some companies I was working with are asking for referrals. And then I realized that there are youth chances in great quantities including part time, internship, volunteer, temporary or casual job that still have not been well-organized in one portal. I did some research that Indonesia still had no niche job portal for student and recent graduates. Most and best known job portals required at least one year working experience. Where do student and recent graduates get the first real job then ?

Student Job first began with twitter account named @tweetstudentjob. I simply enjoy spreading updated job info until it had more than 3000 followers and I consider it to be real scalable business by making business plan and challenging my self to join some business competition. At first, I won UI young and smart entrepreneur program as one of the best business idea and received funding. But at that time I was recently graduated and looking for a suitable job therefore I didn’t take it seriously to start own business. In addition, I have not been ready and well-prepared to start business due lack knowledge, skill, and experience. Meanwhile, the co-founder had been disappeared and I lost contact of him. I really had no idea what’s the matter and got a bit disappointed. I decided then to start working in some great companies to explore and learn more. I kept my self busy and I almost left Student Job behind without resources and capital.

One year after, I looked back and  thought it might be great time to start it over again : looking for co-founder, being a part of startup community, and joining competition. I resigned from my full time job into part time worker in international health and service foundation as business development in term I had more free time to focus on Student Job. Meanwhile I got referral co-founder from my friend and guess what we become perfect partner in crime ! I kept looking for business competition that might be suitable with my business idea and I had been selected as top 5 ideabox business competition from Indosat. I don’t believe in luck, I do believe in work hard. This opportunity came in the moment I am ready and well-prepared. I got Founder Institute scholarship and funding from private angel investor.

I have always followed the path that seemed right to me. I took risks when I needed to. And I didn’t let fear get in my way. Sure, I have spent a good part of my life terrified, but I highly recommend it. There is one thing at some point in my life when I look back and say,”Wish I knew then what I know now.” But regret is the most tragic thing in life. The best way to avoid it is to know yourself, face your fear and follow your heart.

And this is a niche job portal designed for you to find great opportunities out there. This is a specialized job portal that I wish had existed when I was student. I had started my journey and this is your time to Start Your Journey.


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