Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta 2016

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Jakarta, 14 March 2016 –The world’s largest International Youth Leadership Organization AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia had successfully held Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta, Saturday, March 12 2016 from 9 AM-5 PM at Grand Bellagio, Bellagio Boutique Mall, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta is a one day event of seminar to support 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development initiated by United Nation and powered by AIESEC in a form of contribution as the part of Global Movement by making the series of forum that will take a place in all over Indonesia following AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia as the first to organize Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta. Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta took Sustainable Development Goals for Indonesia as the themeof this event.

We choose “Entrepreneurship to achieve better economic growth whilst creating positive impact by accessing new markets and making bolder moves” as our focus according to point 8,9,and 11 of the UN SDG. In current modern society, we believe that Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective way in helping not only those 3 points of the UN SDGs but also will helping and giving the impact to all parts in 17 Global Goals For SustainableDevelopment.

We had 11 official amazing speakers that had inspired attendances of Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta: 1. Arif P. Rahmat (CEO of PT Triputra Agro Persada Group) 2. Bari Hamami (President Director of TrakindoUtama) 3. YudhaBudhiSuryo (Founder of OPCO Indonesia) 4. R BagusAnanto (Director of H Group Indonesia) 5. ArdistiaDwisari (President & Creative Director of Ardistia New York) 6. Nancy Margried (CEO and Co-Founder of PIKSEL Indonesia) 7. Anne Avantie (Inspiring Women Entrepreneur) 8. Michelle Widjaja (CEO of Shirokuma) 9. Reynold Wijaya (Founder of ModalKu) 10. AdryanHafizh (CEO of PT KolaborasiKapital Indonesia) 11. Simon Costello (Managing Partner of HaloMoney) The event itself had 3 sessions, and the 11 tremendous speakers were divided into the session as follows: The 1st Session talked about the role of entrepreneurs in endeavors of establishing sustainable growth for Indonesia. The distinguished speakers for our 1st session wereMrArifP.Rahmat and Mr. BariHamami. Both Mr. Rahmat and Mr. Hamami emphasized on the importance of having a greater purpose than yourself to be a success entrepreneur.

The 2nd Session discussed about the importance of scaling up and expanding a business to ensure sustainability. We had Mrs. Anne Avantie, Mr. R.BagusAnanto, Ms. Michelle Widjaja, Ms. ArdistiaDwiasri, Mr. YudhaBudhisurya, and Ms. Nancy Margried as the speakers in 2nd Session. The 2nd session were more focused on fashion industries and food and beverage (FNB) sectors, and the discussion was very interesting since the composition of the speakers really varied and each speaker has their own unique. Last but not least, the 3rd Session discussed about generating concrete action steps to produce a sustainable start-up. We will had Mr.SimonCostelo, MrAdryanHafizh, and Mr Reynold Wijaya as the speakers in our 3rd Session. Speakers told the attendances their inspiring stories and insight about economy point of view on entrepreneurship and of course, their tips and tricks in order to produce a sustainable start-up; not just a one-time wonder. We certainly do hope that after this event, the audiences are now more aware to the world’s current conditions, especially withSDGs. As we know, SDGs is the form of replacement for MDGs.

MDGs were good enough,but they were too focused on poverty alleviation in the developing world, whereas the SDGs are more globally applicable and integrate economic, social and environmental aspects. We also really expectthe attendances could boost up their Entrepreneurial Skill in order to make huge changes to the world after joining Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta. If we are committed to connect the dots, we will find out that entrepreneurial have a great correlation with business world and also connects with economy aspect. We can’t deny the fact that by engaging business with the Global Goals and bringing clarity to how its activities impact upon so many major issues that need to be addressed with rapidity should be a considerable force to be reckoned with. With all that fact, we know that the focus of Youth Speak Forum is so relevant.

Youth Speak Forum in Jakarta also hope to spread the great energy to attendances to speak up their thoughts and contributes by giving their ideas to make SDGs implemented really well and effective both internationally and nationally, after going back home from the event. And after we already get all the youth voice, we will deliver all the voices to United Nation as the evidence that we as the youth, we can’t just be silent and pretend like we know nothing or do not care; we will speak up and stand up to make Global Sustainable Development Goals Implemented to make this world a better place to live for everyone, regardless their nation, their wealth level, their race, their gender, and their religion.


Note to Editor: AIESEC is The World’s largest International Youth Leadership Organization that present in 130 countries & Territories. We offer young people a chance to develop their leadership potential through life changing professional and personal development experiences. Since 1948, we’ve developed over one million people, including one Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and many prominent world, business and civil society leaders Youth Speak is global youth movement and youth insight survey powered by AIESEC. We are focused on understanding the hopes and challenges surrounding various issues which involving young people like us. And through this seminar event the youth could also contributing by giving their voices to the world.

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